Monday, July 6, 2009

Baby girl

this is my friend's 10 week old little girl. It was hard to get her to stay looking at the camera but I tried.

"I have to look where?"
July 5 046wm

"nope, not gonna get me to look there"
July 5 042edit

"forget it I am sleeping"
July 5 003wm

pink bunny
July 5 012wm sleeping
July 5 018wm

this is my friend's pregnant sister. So I guess you can say pictures with baby's cousin.
laying on the belly.
July 5 073edit

sitting on belly
July 5 100B&W wm

aren't I so cute!
July 5 116edit

family shot
July 5 027wm


Nicole said...

These turned out really well. I love them.

rodbot said...

great job, what did you use for lighting in the last ones.

Miss-buggy said...

oh I am soooo glad you love them Nicole! I will be getting some printed out for you. I have some of your sister too. extra lighting. Just the skylight from above. I did have to lighten it in Gimp though because I forgot to change my ISO. The ISO gets me every time!

wilsonian said...

Yay you!! Wooot!