Friday, July 24, 2009

Three day old baby Noah

My friend's newest addition. He is so sweet.
soft and cuddly
July 24 020B&W wm

baby basket
July 24 041wm

view from above
July 24 042wm

so tiny
July 24 028b&w wm

snuggly basket
July 24 039wm

safe hands
July 24 062B&W wm

curled up
July 24 032b&w wm

baby fingers
July 24 018 edit wm

fussy face
July 24 010B&W WM

lounging outside
July 24 123wm

July 24 121wm

big sister
July 24 104wm

big brother
July 24 099wm

sweet bundle
July 24 039B&W colorwm

Monday, July 20, 2009

Greater Vancouver Zoo

July 19 035wm

Taken with manual focus. My first time using it.
July 19 005wm

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sun painted

July Sunset
July Sunset

Take two

Monday, July 6, 2009

Baby girl

this is my friend's 10 week old little girl. It was hard to get her to stay looking at the camera but I tried.

"I have to look where?"
July 5 046wm

"nope, not gonna get me to look there"
July 5 042edit

"forget it I am sleeping"
July 5 003wm

pink bunny
July 5 012wm sleeping
July 5 018wm

this is my friend's pregnant sister. So I guess you can say pictures with baby's cousin.
laying on the belly.
July 5 073edit

sitting on belly
July 5 100B&W wm

aren't I so cute!
July 5 116edit

family shot
July 5 027wm

Friend's sister's pregnancy shots

With husband
July 5 132wdit wm

July 5 130B&W wm

July 5 062edit

B&W of belly
July 5 053B&W wm