Monday, March 30, 2009

50th Wedding Anniversary

Just a few shots of family. Celebrating my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary.

The happy couple. I just love how in love they still are!
March 29 021crop

my brother. 2 years younger. Quite different personalities between him and I. I think he was demanding his food here....
March 29 026crop

He and his beautiful fiancé
March 29 020crop

my cousin and Aunt
March 29 040crop

taking a picture
March 29 024edit

the beauty behind the lens
March 29 025edit

This is what shock looks like!
March 29 018crop

March 29 019crop

My family. Umm...go Pitsburg? Yeah I don't get it either!
Rick, Kevin, Martin, Laura, Marlene and Randy
March 29 009edit

Cutting the cake again 50 years later
March 29 049bw edit vingette

This little light of mine....

Beaded candle
March 29 003editwm

table center piece
March 29 022crop

follow the Light
March 29 052edit

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Went to disneyland

it was a blast! Cooper had such fun. Just some shots. All done in Auto but fun all the same.

Cooper on the tea cups
March 5-9 2009 361

a leaf from a three leaf clover at Bug's Land. You were made to feel small.
March 5-9 2009 478wm

fireworks. This was done in manual. 1/30th sec. hence the blur but I tried to get it.

number two

Bird of Paradise. It was really pretty down there! Yet I wouldn't trade living in B.C. lol
March 5-9 2009 830wm

meeting a new friend.
March 5-9 2009 233wm

and another new friend
March 5-9 2009 222wm