Sunday, June 28, 2009

My little brother got married

Some pics from the wedding.

The Bride waiting to get makeup started.
June 19-20 093lighten wm

getting makeup done
June 19-20 111wm

makeup done
June 19-20 115edit wm

bundle of nerves
June 19-20 120lighten wm

band practizing outside
June 19-20 050wm

Bride's mom helping with earrings.
June 19-20 143edit wm

ready to get going
June 19-20 147edit wm

June 19-20 282wm

spotlight kiss
June 19-20 315edit B&W

there were a lot of photo's taken. The professional photographer had no problem with me snapping some shots. There will be more photos as the days go on.

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