Saturday, February 21, 2009

Flowers from my little boy

So I came home from a class on Thursday night and went to tuck my little guy in. He grabbed my hand and said MOM, come see! Brought me out by the desk and showed me the beautiful flowers he got me. He was so excited.

My hand and Cooper's
February 21 2009 008 edit

Red and white
February 21 2009 013edit

Just a small selection of said flowers. I loved the colors and he pointed out EVERY one to me.
February 21 2009 012 edit

my engagement ring (7 years old now) along with the flowers. Gifts from my favorite boys on earth.
February 21 2009 30 edit

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Bruce and Heather said...

Beautiful pics! My dh and dd bought me flowers this last week too. I was sick, and lets just say pregnancy hormones got the best of me:)

-featherhead from