Friday, December 26, 2008

Pictures with my NEW CAMERA! Nikon D40

A winter Wonder Land. I love snow. God sure works His magic....

My son Cooper pondering the snow
Dec. 24 016edit

Reaching over the fence
Dec. 24&25 117wm

Snowy lane
Dec. 24&25 187wm

So small in such a big world.
Dec. 24&25 189editB&W

cold road
Dec. 24&25 196edit

Sunset dance
Dec. 24&25 214wdit

Sun through the clouds
Dec. 24&25 216edit

Red Barn
Dec. 24&25 225wm

Driveway lamp
Dec. 24&25 227edit

Light through the storm
Dec. 24&25 229edit

someone to give a warm cuddle to after being out in that COLD weather!
Dec. 24&25 238edit

A tender moment between a mother and son. I love these moments with my son.
Dec 26 040wm


Mystic2mom said...

I love the ones of the light in the snow and, well all of them!! You are talented!

rodbot said...

you really need to post some titles on these photos.

love the first shot, nice and candid.
makes you wonder what he is thinking about. love the highkey from the snow, it really frames him well.

I like the last one too.the one of the figurine, especially the shadow the enveloping/framing the child. makes for a nice stark but soft contrast.

Miss-buggy said...

I will do that now....

dilaOHdila said...

hello misty....
I love this angle. U ur talented. Nice shoot!